About us

Who We Are?

iWantsBook.com is the one of largest book site for readers who looking for the best reading experiences and book suggestions. We are proud to offer thousand books title from famous author and publisher around the world in any category. Our mission is to help our book reader to find and share books they love to read.

What do we do?

  • Creating a list directory of eBooks from a variety of genres and categories, not limited to hosting them, but to link them to book vendor services, providing content preview or book resources and other useful information for both authors and readers, anything strictly related to eBooks.

  • Filtering out eBooks content that mostly wants by our readers and then serve it’s in order to sustain the highest quality of eBook information. We aim to only list full fledged, complete standalone eBooks which do not require readers to indulge in other external activities or sources, to acquire knowledge they are searching for.

  • Made simple book search in our library base on book title, isbn and the book author. It is very simple to search book in our site, you just need type anything you wants.

  • Building and organizing link that will guide you to book vendor so you can make simple registration and then you can download the book that you wants.

How to get the eBooks?

Do you love to read eBooks? This is place is perfect for you! We have lots of links to free eBooks in more than 40 book genres. You are able to discover scientific, engineering, programming, biography, arts And photography, science, history, technology, medical, health, computer and many other books genres. All books are ready for download but you need to subscribe to our book vendor and become the member.

As a member you can add new books and add comments or share any ideas about the book that you love. To become a member you should register. Registration is free and short. After registering you become a member of a society and can create your list of favorite books to download later, add new eBooks, add comments and send messages to other members.