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Quicklet - Dexter (Season 2) book written by David Michael Beaudrie relesead on and published by Hyperink. This is one of the best subjects Book that contains 44 pages, you can find and read online or download ebook ISBN 9781614642060.

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Dexter broke new ground for Showtime when it first premiered in 2006. Rival network HBO had long been acclaimed for its dramatic and comedic series such as The Sopranos and Entourage and Dexter proved that Showtime could deliver its own unique brand of drama that would captivate viewers. The show, much like its main character, was edgy, riveting to watch, and difficult to define. Dexter Morgan was a serial killer that, inexplicably, the audience found itself rooting for. While the show garnered controversy due to its violence and its portrayal of a killer as an antihero, fans clamored for more.

Dexter gave the network strong ratings, a new franchise, and a bankable star in Michael C. Hall. However, with the main villain from the first season dead and buried, the lingering question became where the show would go next. While the first season was strongly based off of Jeff Lindsays novel Darkly Dreaming Dexter, producers decided to go a different route and branch away from the Lindsay books, creating their own storyline in the process for Season 2.

The second season of Dexter surprised many by not introducing a new main villain for Dexter to hunt. The second book of the Lindsay series focused on a killer nicknamed Dr Danco. Instead, the TV season focused more on Dexter himself as the sins of his past threatened to catch up to him. The real villain of the season may be Dexter himself.


Dave Beaudrie is a graduate and valedictorian of Michigan State University with a B.A. in Advertising. He also studied Theatre and has performed in multiple productions around the country. He is a professional screenwriter as well with several projects either produced or in pre-production. He is licensed as a security specialist in the state of California and worked in the field for several years. Beaudrie is an avid mixed martial arts fan and has written extensively on the subject. He writes comedy as well under a pen name and resides in Los Angeles.


What type of killer cant kill? That is the question Dexter must answer in the wake of murdering his brother at the end of Season 1. The Ice Truck Killer has been put down, but his memory and all he represents still haunts Dexter Morgan. Debra Morgan is also troubled by the Ice Truck Killer, albeit in a different way. Season 2 opens with the two siblings dealing with the death of Rudy Cooper in their own ways.

Debra lives with Dexter to feel secure and this, combined with the constant surveillance by a suspicious Sgt. Doakes, puts Dexter on a very short killing leash. Over a month goes by without a kill and Dexter finds himself restless. However, when he finally has the opportunity to kill a voodoo-spouting murderer, he cant bring himself to do it. This sudden attack of conscious is exacerbated by the discovery of 30 bags of body parts in the ocean. Dexters previous victims have come home to roost.

Deb returns to the force, but is clearly still traumatized. Dexters relationship with Rita becomes more strained as her ex-husband Paul continues to proclaim from prison that Dexter framed him for heroin possession. Paul gets killed in a prison fight and Dexter confesses to Rita that he set Paul up in the aftermath of Pauls death. He also admits to an addiction. He means murder but Rita interprets it as drugs and forces Dexter to go to Narcotics Anonymous.


  • Quicklet on Dexter Season 2
    • Introduction
    • About Tony Goldwyn (Director- Season Premiere)
    • About Steve Shill (Director- Season Finale)
    • Season 2 Summary
    • ...and much more
  • Dexter Season 2 (TV Show)

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